Thursday, February 12, 2009

Snow day #2

I think after the snow finally stopped we had about 2 feet or so. I thought I was going to die trying to drive home in the snow storm Monday night but I made it home without having a heart attack!! It was close though.

Snow Day!

Snow Day #1! Brylee and Macie only lasted about 10 minutes in the snow but Tessa would stay in it all day if I would let her.

I promise Brylee isn't drunk!! She is just a little drugged up on antibiotics and pain meds thanks to her double ear infection.

I don't know why we waste our money on toys when they are entertained for hours with our moving boxes!! They thought the train of boxes was fun.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Macie is excited because her shiner is almost gone!

Our little pizza lover!

Tessa's 100th day of school!

Tessa had a party at her school for the 100th day of school. She made a cool cereal necklace and an even cooler 100 day hat!

Daddy wanted to share in Tessa's 100th day of school fun!