Saturday, September 12, 2009

Macie turned 5!!!

I am a little behind because my computer wasn't working but Macie turned 5 on the 7th and I can't believe she is growing so fast. I wasn't back from my girls weekend until that night so we did all of her b-day stuff on Tuesday. She had the most awesome day ever. Aunt Cathy was so nice and gave her a "real" pedicure for her b-day not just a nail painting. She got the scrubs and massages and everything. She was so excited! Brylee was a little bummed though cause she didn't get one.

After the pedicure she took her to lunch. Thanks Aunt Cathy you are awesome.

That night we had a party with cake and ice cream and all the good stuff. Her new found cousins were able to come and hang out and she was very excited about that!

The birthday girls and her very ugly cake made by her not very creative mother. She liked it though so I guess that is all that matters. . .right!!

Here she is hanging out with her favorite Uncle Joe who is getting married by the way to a girl from Clay Springs. Her name is Heather Jackson and we already love her!
Anyway, I can't believe it was 5 years ago Macie became part of our family. She is such a sweet girl (when she isn't throwing a fit) and we love her so much!!!

Labor Day/Girls Weekend

My lovely mom decided it was about time to have all her daughters together with no kids and no husbands so she planned to have everyone meet in Mesa and have fun together and not worry about anything. Thanks to everyone's dear husbands for watching all the kiddos. We love you guys! My mom and Cathy and I left Thursday night and stayed at my Aunt's house and picked Christina up from the airport in Tucson on Friday morning.

Cathy and Mom waiting for Christina to get off the plane. You would've thought they hadn't seen each other for years!
Pick up #1
Let the fun begin!!! We didn't even die trying to find the airport!

Pick up #2
Pickup #3
Crystal and Cherilyn
Alicia had strep throat so she didn't get to enjoy any of the fun until the last day when she was feeling better.
Saturday night we went to this place called Jesters. It is a comedy club where they do improv comedy and it was so funny. It is kind of like the show "Who's Line is it Anyway" only clean humor. One of our friends from high school is one of the comedians so he hooked us up and we had a blast. This is Preston and Crystal. He did a great job!
This is half of us before we went in to watch the show.

We decided to invite my dad for the night because he was so lonely at home and the three out of staters wanted to see him for some reason!:) He came with us to the show because we had an extra ticket because Alicia got strep throat and didn't come till the last day we were there.

I think this was at Red Robin where we ate the first night but I could be wrong. We love our country or something.

Cathy and Sheree hangin out
Lunch at Souper Salad. Yum!
We went to dinner at Lynette Smith's house on Sunday night and had lots of fun. Lynette and her family are old family friends of ours and so we thought we would go catch up on the good ol' times. We ended staying there till about 11 pm laughing and telling stories and playing games. My stomache hurt really bad when we left because I laughed so hard. It was good to see them.

Christina and Jennifer chillin on the couch
K so this picture was the funniest one of the night. We were playing a card game and we had this great idea to fake a picture where we were trying to slap the cards and this is how it turned out. Heather got a little too excited about it but I laughed so hard!
This was us on our last day of fun eating at the Cheesecake Factory. We had such a blast the whole weekend and I am so glad my mom had the idea to do it. You are so brilliant mom! We will be doing it every year now!!