Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's a BOY!!

I havn't really advertised the fact that I am pregnant because Randy thinks you should keep it private. I am the opposite. I like to tell people the exciting news. Anyway, I am 21 weeks along and we found out on Saturday that we are about 98% sure we are having a boy. After 3 girls this is very exciting news for us. Not that we don't love our girls, but a change is good every once in awhile.

Randy was so excited he had the people check twice just to make sure. He wanted to hang the pictures form his mirror in his truck and go staight to the store and buy boy clothes finally!! It was cute to see him so excited. He says the baby will be his "little buddy". (His girls still have him wrapped around their fingers though.) This is our exciting news for the week!! Yippee!