Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Fun . . .or NOT!

What fun Halloween is. Not so mch this year. I have spent all weekend cleaning up puke from kids. Poor little Macie didn't even get to go trick-or-treating because she was throwing up and she hadn't even had any candy yet. I got to stay home and hold puke bowls and Randy took Tessa and Brylee to his cousin Jared's house for their trunk or treat. Tessa was nice enough to take Macie's bucket with her and get some candy for her poor sick sister.

As you can hopefully tell Tessa was a cave woman and Brylee was a pumpkin.
Cave woman with an attitude I should say.

This is how poor Macie spent the night!

Cookies and Pumpkins

The girls had lots of fun preparing for Halloween. We made some cookies to take to our neighbors and we painted pumpkins. They had a lot of fun and it kept them busy for a while so that is always good!

Macie is very hard at work making a face on her pumpkin.

Macie is hard at work licking the face off her pumkin! Brylee was having lots of fun as you can see.
Tessa was very creative and just wanted to load the cookies up with frosting and more frosting then sprinkles and aaahhh!!! So much sugar! Their little friend Jade is in the background.

We decided to paint our pumpkins because I am not a very creative carver so I just let them do their own thing with the paint. I think this was Macie's finished product.

Tessa's finished product. She was very proud of her pumpkin because she picked it herself on her school field trip to Apple Annie's.

Little artists at work.

This was Brylee's finished product. Very beautiful don't you think!