Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break

So are you all ready for a picture overload!!! I hope so because here it comes. So this year for Spring Break we decided to take a road trip (AAAAAHHHHH) to California. We didn't want to get too crazy so we only got tickets to Sea World and then figured we would just do whatever we wanted when we got there. Well after riding the rides at Sea World Randy really wanted to go to Disneyland (double AAAAHHHHHH). So here is how our trip went.

The girls all buckled in and ready to hit the road. Doesn't Tessa look so happy to be driving!

Randy doing the driving! Yeah for him. For some reason he doesn 't like riding in the car when I drive. Don't know why?

We drove Tuesday night to Yuma and stayed the night there and drove the rest of the way the next day. We went to the beach on Coronado Island the day we got there and of course I forgot the camera in the car so, lame I know, but I have no beach pictures. The girls had a blast though. I thought Brylee would be the scared one to go in the water but it was actually Macie. Whod'a thunk!

So our second stop was Sea World. We had a lot of fun touching all the sea creatures and such. Good ol' star fish.

Yeah for the flamingos! Our favorite color PINK!

One of the best parts of Sea World was the sharks. They have a very cool place where you come in at the top of the tank and see them from the top then you can go down this dark tunnel and it goes under the water so it looks like you are surrounded by the sharks in the water. It was very cool!
This was pretty cool too! It was the sea lion show. It was really hot and we were really high up but it was cool to watch anyway. The trainers and sea lions dancing hip hop.

This was the guy that came out and danced while the show was waiting to start. He was pretty funny too. He kept changing to different characters from tv.

And of course the main event at Sea World! SHAMU! We got to this show early so we had seats right in the middle about 6 rows up. It was very awesome!

Surprisingly we didn't get wet which was ok because the clouds had moved in by this time and the girls were already cold and didn't want to get wet but of course Randy did.

This is how close we were. It was flippin AWESOME!

After the show. The poor girls were so tired! We had been there ALL day and they were ready to go back to the hotel.

And this was the best picture of the day. Sorry if this grosses anyone out but I had to take the picture. Yes this is bird poop. As we were walking back to the car after the Shamu show I was carrying Brylee and I saw something fall. A bird flew right over me and relieved itself right on Brylee's shirt. It was pretty funny but gross!
My favorite part of the trip was the tour of the USS Midway Naval Ship. It was amazing! If you are ever in San Diego you should definately go it was so awesome! They have a bunch of old fighter planes and you get to take your own tour through the whole ship and see how these men and women lived as they fought for our freedom. The last time it was in use was during Desert Storm.
This was one of the old planes that they let people climb through.

These were ejection seats that were taken out of old planes. They give you headphones to listen to that tell you all about the different areas in the ship and stories of people who worked and lived on there.

More old planes! This was a cargo plane, it was crazy to see inside all these planes.

K. So this picture is random but it was really funny so I had to take a picture. This guy was a homeless guy standing on a corner asking for money but if you look close he is wearing an Eastern Arizona College shirt! How funny is that that a homeless guy on a corner in San Diego has an EAC shirt on!

These next few pics were taken at Seaport Village which is another fun place to visit if ever in SD. This was just some random guy balancing rocks by the beach.

Another guy on there had a bunch of birds that he was letting people hold. He just came up and threw these birds on Tessa's arm. She was a little scared at first but she did really good. The other two of course wouldn't let him get anywhere close to them.

This guy was swallowing swords. Such a bizarre mix of people there but oh well I guess we were entertained.
Saturday we went to Disneyland which I did not want to do but oh well. It was Saturday and there were insane amounts of people there and the lines were crazy but I think the girls had fun even though I didn't. Randy and Tessa dissapeared to go on nall the fun rides so I got to spend pretty much the whole day with Macie and Brylee pushing the stroller around and fighting with the two young ones. So much fun!
Tarzan's tree house.

Fun on the carousel.

This was Macie and Brylee's favorite ride. It's a Small World!! It actually was pretty cool. I havn't been on it since I was about five. I prob. liked it so much because it was nice and cool after standing in line in the hot sun waiting to get on the ride.

Brylee was so excited she just kept jumping up and down in the boat. I thought she was going to jump out!
Out of all the lines we waited in this one was the longest! We waited about 1 1/2 hours just to take these three stinkin pictures. The things we do to make our kids happy right!

Overall the trip was a success. We had all the usual fighting and grouchy kids but I was a little irritated after traveling so much too. It was fun to just hang out as a family. Now. . . . .back to real life and lots of laundry!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

So I love today because it is cloudy and rainy. My favorite type of day!!! The girls wanted to go outside and play in the rain so why not right. The smell of rain puts me in such a good mood. Can you tell who the drama queen of the family is?

Little poser! Brylee's rain dance worked!
Macie shaking her skinny little booty. Her favorite move!

Brylee wasn't liking the thunder so much.
Our beautiful mountain. We have such a great view out our back door. And yes that is the prision just 200 yards away! Great view of that too!

Project for the YEAR!

I decided to get ambitious and do something with the girls rooms since they keep complaining that they are boring. So here are a few pictures of what they look like after. Well I am not done with Tessa's but this is all I have got done so far.

I plan to put some more stripes of the blue color in her bedspread and I have the trim stuff to go around the wall at the top of the stipes so it will look really cute when it is done.

This is Macie and Brylee's room after it was all put back together. Tessa is pouting because she thinks theirs is better than hers. It was a little more pink than I thought it was going to be. The paper looked a lot lighter. Oh well it is cute anway.

Me having so much fun doing all the really annoying taping. So much fun!!