Monday, December 14, 2009

Joseph and Heather's reception

Before I start with reception details I have to explain the whole situation. My little brother had his reception on Friday and it was a double reception because his new bride Heather has a twin sister who married my step cousin. So now my step cousin is also my brother's bro in law. Everyone got that? Anyway it was a fun reception because they had a special guest show up that got all the kids going crazy!! You guessed it . . . .SANTA!

We were all a little confused because no one ever figured out who it really was but we assumed it was whoever played Santa for the ward party that was also that same night.
Happy couple #1- Adrian and Hannah

Happy and somewhat goofy couple #2 -Joseph and Heather. Good luck with that Heather!

The girls' sister made their cakes. They were both very cute and full of personality!

The two happy couples with all the parents! How precious right.

Breakfast with Santa

Tessa's school had Santa there for breakfast last week so of course we had to go take the girls to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas!
I think Brylee will like anyone who will give her candy!
I think Macie took the longest with her big list for Santa.
Tessa has a smiling problem like her dad. They don't exactly know how to smile for pictures! Santa was actually pretty funny. He made sure to tell the girls they needed to leave chocolate chip cookies out on Christmas Eve because those are his favorite!

Randy was very excited to wake up early on a Saturday morning. Can't beat pancakes and sausage for a buck!

I think it was a little early for Brylee too!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving and Christmas trees

So Thanksgiving weekend was full of lots of fun and excitement and stress and more fun and a little arguing and a little more fun. Mostly fun! We drove to Heber the morning of Thanksgiving and had dinner with Randy's family. I was very awesome and only took one picture of the whole dinner! Whats up with that right? Anyway, the day after Thanksgiving my little bro Joseph got married to a beautiful girl named Heather (Cherilyn has all those pics so I will have to post them when I get them. . . .hurry and e-mail me Cherilyn!) That was awesome, Randy's dad did the sealing and it went really well. My poor mom was very stressed about things but everything turned out just lovely! My whole family was there except for Chrisitina's hubby Dan so it was nice to see everyone.

Oh, I forgot the little detail of black Friday. Randy and his brother Ben decided it would be smart to go to Wal-Mart in Winslow to avoid a huge crowd. They had the trampoline we have been wanting for our girls Christmas present so they left at about 3:45 in the am to get to Winslow by 5ish. Randy got the tramp and then some. I should not have sent him unsupervised with so much on sale. He got lots of good stuff but spent too much money. We will just put it this way, the bank locked his debit card because they thought someone had stolen it. AAAAHHHH!

Anyway, Saturday we went with Randy's family and my dad to get Christmas trees. It was a lot of fun and this is where some of the fighting came in!

Here is my dad, Randy and Tessa on the hunt for the perfect tree. It took us a while because we had to find three of them.
One down!

Two more down (after several hours of hunting and me giving up because I wasn't picking good enough ones)

Randy feeling very proud of himself after all his hard work of finding the perfect tree.
These are just some random pics I took of the lovely family who was there! I did mention it was mostly fun right!
It was slightly cold!

Tiff lookin all hot in her lovely blue hat! Crazy lady with no jacket!!!

Just trying to stay warm. BBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

So ya, this was the only picture I got out of the whole Thanksgiving dinner. What a good photographer I am.
All in all it was an awesome weekend with all the people I love and am so thankful for. Not to mention the several pounds I gained eating all the turkey and pie, yum, yum.