Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tessa is 7!!

Today is Tessa's b-day and she is now a very old lady at 7 years old!! Randy's half-sister came this weekend to visit and have Randy clean their teeth so we had a big party for Tessa on Friday. Beverly is quite the party expert so she planned an awesome party for Tessa and we had a lot of fun decorating and doing fun stuff. I owe a HUGE thank you to Beverly!! It was a crazy weekend but we had so much fun and it was probably Tessa's best birthday ever cuz unlike the parties I plan she actually had a fun cake and fun decorations and games.

This is Tessa and Lindsey making her cake. It was so cute. They made a little purse cake and they did an awesome job!
Lindsey also painted all the kids faces and you can't see Brylee's but she has a really cute lady bug on her cheek that she is very proud of.

This was the very festive birthday table after all the decorations were done. Tessa was so excited.

Here is Beverly being very creative and making flowers out of balloons. She is very crafty which was good because I am not at all.

Anthony (Beverly's husband) was getting a little light headed blowing up all the balloons for the flowers. He was so very helpful with party preparations.

Flower balloons being strategically placed. Anthony took directions very well!

This was the final product. It turned out so cute and Tessa loved it. She has never had such a fun cake before.

Lindsey was nice enough to give Tessa a birthday makeover. She looked so cute when they were done.

More face paint!

Most of the girls at the party. Tessa has never had so many presents before!

Make a wish!!
All in all it was a fun party and we enjoyed have Beverly and her family come and visit. We all had a lot of fun!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I HATE Potty Training

I hate potty training!!!!!! 2 weeks ago I almost ran out of diapers so I thought what a better time to start potty training Brylee. The first day was really, really horrible. I hid the diapers and told her we had to wear undies because the diapers were gone. I spent most of the day sitting in the bathroom and singing potty songs to get her to go. It was a long and horrbile day but it paid off. She went the next with only one accident and then the next 3 days after that with no accidents. I thought I had just experienced the easiest potty training ever. Well, not so much.

Randy decided that he and I needed a day away so we had the girs stay with my wonderful sister Cathy and her hubby over night. Well Brylee didn't like the idea of us going aparently cuz she didn't go in the toilet once. Poor Cathy ended up putting her in a diaper cuz she wouldn't go in the toilet. When I got home we put undies back on her and she did perfect for 2 days no accidents. The last 4 days in a row I have been pulling my hair out because she will not go in the toilet. I ask and ask and ask and she says no I don't need to go then she goes and pees in her pants. AAAAHHHHH!!!! I don't have the patience for this! It is a good thing she is so dang cute or I would have beat the child by now!

Isn't that the cutest little bum you have ever seen. She is doing a little flip so I couldn't resist the bum shot!
I get really upset when she pees her pants but then she smiles like this and I can't help but smile!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


So Tessa had a fund raiser at school where she sold cookie dough. She worked really hard and sold a bunch of cookie dough because she wanted to win this big sterio system which was going to be impossible because you had to sell like $750 of dough to get it which wasn't going to happen but I didn't tell her that. Instead she was rewarded with a bunch of giant weird things from the dollar store probably. We had a lot of fun with the huge glasses. Everyone had to take turns having their picture taken.

They were a little big for Brylee's head so she had to hold them on her face. Good times, good times. We are so easily entertained at our house.