Monday, January 31, 2011

The toothless wonder!

Macie lost her first tooth!! She has had this loose tooth for a week or so now and she was so excited that she stayed up last week almost all night trying to get it to come out so the tooth fairy would come that night. Finally last night it was so close and she was determined it was gonna come out. Guess who she let pull it out? TESSA! Is that crazy or what. She trusts her big sister I guess. They were so excited! Thanks to Brylee falling off the bed and screaming last night the tooth fairy was reminded to do her job!

Christmas Day 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas of course with lots of crazy kids ripping gifts open. Between Tiff's 11 kids and our 3 we had enough stuff to fill the whole living room. (Spoiled kids! Thanks to their dad!) Besides Randy being sick it was a perfect time with family and fun and reflections of Christ.
Anxiously awaiting to get to go into the front room.

Brylee and her stocking goods.

Macie was most excited about her snow globe. Go figure?
Tessa thought she needed to hide her face. All in all Christmas was a success. We had an awesome dinner with the family and we tried to make sure the kids remembered what Christmas is all about.

Christmas Eve

I am way behind I know but thats just the way I roll I guess. We spent Christmas in Heber this year. We stayed at Randy's sister's house and it was a lot of fun for the girls because they love laying with Aunt Tiff's kids! Tessa in the new jamies.
Brylee was in Heaven cuz hers had ballerina's on them so she thought she had to dance.

Macie sporting the classic Snoopy!

So excited for Santa to come! Of course they couldn't sleep!