Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We had a really fun Easter weekend. We thought we were going to get to stay home but we ended up going to Thatcher instead so Randy could talk to a dentist down there about a possible job. Saturday we went to Pomerene and had an inside picnic and my Aunt Janie and Uncle Mike's house due to bad weather. It was fun to spend time with family and go fishing for a little bit even though it was pretty cold. We got to go see grandma Barney who we haven't seen since she had her surgery. Thanks to Marisa for taking the pictures for me since I couldn't find my camera!

All the cousins after a successful and crazy egg hunt. They were all bouncing off the walls after eating all the candy in about 2 minutes!

Randy ended up being one of the hiding spots for a very colorful egg! Grandma Barney and Aunt Ellie just trying not to get ran over by the mad rush of egg hunters!
Dad, Nathan and myself trying to find enough places to hide the eggs. There are only so many places you can hide eggs inside!

Brylee and Tessa with their baskets full of eggs after the egg hunt at my Aunt Janie's house. It was raining outside so the kids had to settle for an indoor hunt. Macie was in trouble and throwing a fit in the other room so she isn't in any of the pictures. Surprise, surprise!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We started out our spring break by having Crystal and her boys and Shannon and her kids and Cherilyn and her little John Michael all at my house Saturday night. It was chaotic but lots of fun.

Monday we went to Heber so Tiff could meet little John Michael. We always have fun in Heber. Brylee loves her Uncle Brandon!!

Girls night out

Wednesday was an awesome day. Randy (who we left home to study for his boards that he had the Tues. after spring break) decided to come to Thatcher to suprise us. It was awesome cause we missed him for a few days there.

We had all my sisters and an "adopted" sister Shannon down so of course we had to have a girls night out. We had lots of fun. We went to dinner and then walked around Wal-Mart picking out colors and getting ideas for Cathy's wedding stuff.

Easter Eggs

Since we weren't going to see grandma before Easter we had to color eggs while we were there!


Macie and Daddy
Alicia and Crystal

Mom beating dad

Macie and her s'more

Scary! no make up

Tessa and her s'mores
Dad and his s'more dance

Randy and his mouth full of something?

Cathy and her new beau Jerryd

Tessa still enjoying her s'mores

Brylee getting cozy
Brylee and Taylor hanging out.

Macie and her cute smile

Johnathan and his potty

We went to Cedar Springs to camp on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and had a lot of fun. We had a lot of people and craziness but we had fun while we were there. The kids had a lot of fun playing in the dirt and building forts in the trees. We went shooting and I of course was the winner of the skeet shooting contest between Dad, Johnathan, Randy, Cathy and I. I know I am the best!
We had fun roasting mallows for s'mores. We only had one incident with Brylee while we were there. She was walking next to the fire and tripped on a rock and fell in the fire pit. She definately had her guardian angels with her because she didn't get burned at all. We had to take my mom to the hospital for the heart attack she had (not really) but everyone turned out ok.
When we got home on Saturday everyone started puking. That was really awesome. We thought it was food poisoning at first but we figured out that we had all caught the flu bug going around. Out of the 30 or so of us that were there about half of us ended up sick. It was really fun having to pull over 3 times to clean up Tessa's puke on our 5 hour ride home from Thatcher.