Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Piano Recital

Tessa and Macie started piano recently and had their first piano recital Monday. They practiced a lot and both did really well.
Macie did one song as a duet with her teacher then played Joy to the World on her own.
Tessa played Keep the Commandments and Jingle Bells. They were both a little nervous but did awesome!
The girls with their teacher Holly. She has done a really awesome job with them.
Treats afterward were a hit. Can't go wrong with donuts and hot cocoa.
Don't you love Brylee's nice pose.

Christmas tree fun . . .

I was sick the day after Thanksgiving along with Tessa so Randy and Macie were in charge of finding and cutting our tree this year. There wasn't much to pick from because of the big fire in Alpine but I think they got a pretty good one.
I think I erased the pic of it decorated but just imagine the most beautiful lights and ornaments and then picture our looking . . . . nothing like that!! Jk the girls did a really good job decorating it.
Tessa decided she was big enough to help do the tree set up this year.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


The girls love Halloween. They talk all year about what they are going to be.
Our newest addition. She was such a cute little cow but not a happy one. The costume lasted long enough to take the picture.
Our Halloween jack-o-lantern. Daddy did such a good job.
Tessa loves pulling all the nasty squishy stuff out of the pumpkin but Macie thought it was way too gross to touch.
Tessa was an 80's dance chick, Macie was a Hawaiin girl, Brylee was Tinkerbell and Brielle was the cow.