Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A day in the life of a 2 year old

So if you have a 2 year old you understand that they are mischievous and out of control, at least mine is. Brylee has learned that if she pushes the kitchen chair up to the counter she can climb up there and get whatever she wants out of the cupboard. (Thanks to her sisters for showing her that) Well after about the 10th time of getting her down from the counter in the kitchen and the counter in the bathroom I decided I would start taking pictures of all the spot she finds to climb in and all the messes she makes. My pictures are actually backwards so the first one was the last picture I took. OOOPS!

While I was making dinner she decided she wanted to watch a movie so she climbed up into the t.v. center and picked her movie. It's a miracle she didn't push the t.v. off!
I was sitting on the computer paying bills when Macie runs in and tells me that Brylee has drawn all over herself. Why Macie didn't try to stop her I don't know, it must of been entertaining to watch. I thought it was just on her legs and shirt but when I went to put Macie in her bed I pulled the covers back and found a lovely picture all over the sheets of Macie's bed. Macie said it was Brylee but I wasn't quite convinced.

This mess happened while I was folding clothes in the living room. I knew Brylee was in the kitchen and I kept asking her what she was doing. She kept saying "nothin" then I heard a strange noise and went in to find her playing in the green sprinkles that you decorate cookies and stuff with. She had dumped the whole bottle on the floor and was eating them.

Don't you love the look of oh crap I got caught!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First day of school!!

Yesterday was Macie's first day of pre-school. She was so happy she could hardly control herself. I have never seen her get up and get dressed so fast. She is going to the same school as Tessa so she gets to ride the bus in the morning. I met them at the school to show Tessa where to take her and all she said about her ride was it was really hot. She goes to school on Mondays and Wednesdays and she already loves her teacher. Me and Brylee didn't know what to do with ourselves because it was so quite in the house without the other two girls.

I felt bad for Tessa because I forgot to remind her that Macie doesn't ride the bus home with her after school because she is only there for a few hours. Poor Tessa rode all the way home on the bus yesterday scared because she thought Macie was lost and she was going to get in trouble for loosing her sister. I felt REALLY bad.

Tessa decided she wanted to chop all of her hair off over the weekend so thanks to Aunt Cathy she has a very cute little hair cut!

Last Wednesday was Tessa's first day of 1st grade. She was very proud of her very pink back pack.

When she came home from school I asked her how her day went and she only had two complaints. She said it was too hot and she didn't like the playground because they have sand under the swings so she got a bunch of sand in her shoes. Other than that she had a blast and she loves her new teacher.