Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tessa's B-day

So Tessa turned 8 in October. Crazy right I am so old!! She wanted to have a Halloween party so everyone dressed up and we had lots of fun. She was baptized in Heber on the 30th with 3 of her other cousins. It was a crazy day but very memorable. I will post pics of that when I get them.

My pics are never in order but oh well!

Tessa blowing out her candles on the pumpkin cake I made and was very impressed with myself!

Presents, presents and more presents!
We played pin the face on the pumkin for a game. The girls had lots of fun with that!
Our little 8 year old devil!
All the cute party goers.
Thank goodness for grandma and her ability to whip out crafts at the spur of the moment!

This is the awesome cake I made that for the first time ever actually looked like the picture. Dang I'm good!

Macie's B-day

I am a few months behind but that is my life right now! Macie turned 6 in Szeptember and she wanted a dance party! Aunt Becky happened to have a disco ball so that worked out well for a little extra excitement for the party!

In case you can't tell these are suppose to be microphones. They didn 't look exactly like the pic but it was close enough and Macie like them so that's all that matters I guess!
The happy b-day girl blowing out the candles.

Carter was quite the little dancer busting some break dancing moves out! It was pretty funny.

Aunt Cathy was there doing everyones hair so they would be so beautiful for the dance!

All the fun friends with the awesome glasses looking so fly!!