Thursday, July 2, 2009


Randy and I decided we wanted to go on a cruise to celebrate making it through school and 8 years of marriage still liking each other. We went on a cruise with my sister and bro-in-law and had a ton of fun. Here are some of our pics.
The funniest part of the cruise is the picture above. Randy was doing kereoke one night and after he got done singing the person in charge of kereoke came and asked Randy if he would be Garth Brooks in the celebrity impersonation show (which is their biggest show on the last night of the cruise). Randy being the brave one that he is said yes and had only a day and a half to rehearse the song and go on stage in front of half the boat and sing. I wouldn't have done if you paid me but Randy is much braver than I am.
Anyway he had a ton of fun and got to take this picture with all the Carnival dancers and the other impersonators. Right in the middle of the page we have Randy dressed like Garth Brooks.

Our celebration CRUISE!!

Sea lions at the private island we went to in Roatan. This was a really fun place with lots of exotic animals.
I don't remember where this was but the people were really cool dancers.

Hanging out with all the drunks at Margaritaville in Cayman Islands

We swam with the sting rays in the Cayman Islands and it was really scary at first but after the guide made me hold one that was as big as me I was ok. I did have to push Crystal in front of me a few times to get away from the sucking action of the sting rays. What a nice sister.

We got to feed the sting ray squid and it was really weird cause it was like a vaccuum when they sucked the food up. It waok until my oh so kind bro in law put squid down Crystal's pants when she wasn't paying attention and then all the sting rays starting attacking her rear parts until we got them all off. That was awesome!

The whole first day we were at sea so we just chilled on the deck and it was kind of freaky to be so close to the ocean and look out and see nothing but water!! Scary!!

Craig and Crystal pulling a Titanic . . .sort of!

It was really windy to say the least so it wasn't a good situation for good pictures.

Pulling out of the Port of Miami looking very excited!!

Randy chilling while I am starting to get scared that we are moving further and further away from land!

One of the many ice cream cones we had during the week from the 24/7 ice cream bar! Needless to say we gained a few pounds on the cruise.

Leaving Miami

Our new little home!

Ok, so this is our new LITTLE house. It is no mansion by any means but it is good enough for us right now and we love it. It will be even better when we have the back yard done and some grass for the kids to play on. The house is out in Safford by the mountain turn off and it is really quiet and peacefull (except the prision in our backyard of course). We are just excited to actually have a job and a house and we are all very happy and couldn't ask for anything more!

A few things happened in the last few months.

Tessa, Brylee, Carter, Gabby and Macie making their silly faces. We will miss these girls!!
Brylee turned 2! Oh how time flies when you are busy with school and life and having fun! We love you Brylee!

Randy finally grauduated from NAU and is officially a dental hygienist and working in the real world! Yes there are only 2 guys in the whole class. (Program actually)

Randy and Robert reflecting back on their last 3 years and glad to be done with it all!