Saturday, June 18, 2011

Till We Meet Again

After 2 heart episodes and several stays in the hospital my grandpa Burrell passed away a few weeks ago. It is always sad to see a loved one go but we all prayed that he would just go see the other side so he didn't have to be in pain any longer. The funeral was amazing and it was so good to hear all the stories and accomplishments he made while on the earth. He was an amazing husband to my grandma. I don't ever remember going to visit them where they weren't holding hands. They are truely the best example of love for one another.

I did the pics backwards once again. Maybe someday I will get it figured out. The funeral was in Mesa and he was buried here in Safford where he was born and grew up. It is always so touching to see the military farewell. My grandpa was a gunner in WWII and 3 of my cousins are in the military so they were able to do the ceremony. Not sure if it has a name but it was amazing.

My cousin Brian (just returned from Iraq) giving the flag to grandma and saluting.

Last farewell to one of the best examples in all of our lives.

My brothers and cousins were the pall bearers. I'm so glad I have the gospel in my life so I know that we are able to see our loved ones again. I don't know how people are able to cope with death without the knowledge of the plan of salvation.

Love you Grandpa Burrell!! UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Grand Canyon Railway

Memorial Day weekend we decided to take a last minute trip to the Grand Canyon since the girls havn't been there and we aren't going to be able to take a big trip this summer due to my huge belly. We took our RV and stayed in a RV park in Williams and took the train to the Grand Canyon. It was a lot of fun. On the way home we had train robbers top the train and rob everyone. The girls were asleep so we woke them all up except for Macie. She was so tired from the day that she wouldn't budge.

The guy was still nice enough to take a picture with the sleeping Macie.

Can you tell by Brylee's unsure smile that she just woke up. She wasn't quite sure what was going on.

Tessa wasn't sure if she was supposed to be scared or laugh. The entertainment was very good and the girls had a lot of fun on the train.

The girls were not as excited about the "big hole" as we thought. They were crying before we even got up the stairs to see the canyon. Their legs were so tired from going up the 2 flights of stairs that it was a disaster from the start. There were bees everywhere that were freaking Macie out so she was running around screaming and Brylee didn't want to walk so she was entertaining people with her rolling around on the floor wanting to be carried. It was great. Overall, even though the girls were tired it was amazing to see the beautiful grandeur of the Grand Canyon to remind us of what Heavenly Father created for us to enjoy.

Before we got on the train they had a little gun fight show that we watched. The girls had to have a pic with one of the bank robbers/train robbers. After the Grand Canyon we went to Prescott Valley and visited Randy's sister and her family for a few days. Didn't get any pics cuz I am not a good photographer but we had lots of fun with them. We havn't seen them in a while so it was good to be able to go see them.

Macie graduated!

Macie graduated from kindergarten. Yippee! She had a little program but once again I took horrible pics so I'm not going to post those. Not sure why they have a kindergarten promotion but it's cute I guess.
Macie and her teacher Mrs. Aguilar. She loved Macie of course and wanted to keep her. They both started crying when I took the pic.

They did a cute little slide show with all the classes and the kids with their friends. It was really cute. On to 1st grade!!