Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vegas Vacation

Randy and I and his brother Ben and wife Tara and our friends Robert and Holly went to Vegas for the men to go to a dental hygiene convention. We had lots of fun! The guys did their classes on Thursday while us ladies went shopping. We were staying Ceasars Palace so we went to all the shops there which was a lot however there was only about 2 stores that we could atually afford. So we stocked up at Gap because they were having a huge sale.
Thursday night we got tickets to the show The Lion King and it was awesome! We sat in the third row back so we had awesome seat but Randy kept wanting to trip the actors coming down the isle he was sitting by.
Holly and I waiting for a table at Serendipity. It was a really cute place with huge plates. We were all so full!
Just to give you an idea of the food portions, this looks like a piece of garlic bread but it is actually the largest crouton known to mankind from Tara's salad.
Holly and Tara waiting. We were happy to sit down after so much walking around.
The night lights of Vegas!

Randy's Birthday

Once again I am late by a month and my pictures are backwards. Oh well! Randy turned the big 34 inn June. He is such an old man! He doesn't get too excited about birthdays so we just did a little swim party with the fam and had cake and ice cream. We had lots of fun!
And she hasn't even seen Karate Kid!
Randy couldn't decide whether he wanted cake or a pie so I just made both. What an awesome wife Randy has! :)
Jerryd was so interested in the party festivities!
Time to blow out the candles. And he didn't even have to drop the remote. Love you babe!
Not that you can tell but I made the shape of a 34 since I didn't have that many candles!