Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy 9th!!

Tomorrow is our anniversary and I figured while I am on the computer I would pay my tribute to my dear husband today because I don't know what will be happening tomorrow.

9 years ago tomorrow Randy and I were married. Crazy!!!!!! It doesn't seem like it has been 9 years. Randy might say different but time flies when you are having fun! Thanks for the best 9 years a girl could ask for. Love you babe!!

He is such a good dad!
Always willing to go along with the girls' crazy ideas!!

Such a good sport!

This picture is the best. When we lived in Flag. Cherilyn needed to take some pics. for some photography class so Randy so willingly abliged her. He got a little crazy with some of them so she was nice enough to do a little photo shop job on this one and I died laughing when she sent this! How can you resist that face!! Such a goof! I look forward to another 9 years and many many more with this crazy guy! Love you!