Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where have we been?

To tell you the truth we havn't been anywhere. I have just been too darn lazy to update this stickin thing. Now for the two or three people who actually look at my blog here is what we have been doing.

I have been called to be the secretary in the primary presidency in nour ward. I was so excited and I am having so much fun doing my calling.

For New Years we went to a Porter family reunion in Mesa which was really fun. We went to Amazing Jakes for lunch ad the girls thought they were in heaven. All the food and games were an over load for their little heads! It was fun to hear all the fun stories about Grandma and Grandpa Porter whom I've never met but wish I would've been able to.

My 31st b-day was great! Randy took me to Tucson nad we stayed in a resort and did some shopping and just hanging out. What an awesome husband!

Randy went to the dunes by Yuma with some friends and had so much fun he had to come home and buy a quad! So much for paying off debt right!!

The girls are their same ol' fun, crazy, and amazing selves. They keep me busy and their is never a dull moment at our house. Right now we are just trying to get everyone well.

So anyway, not very interesting without pics to look at so sorry but maybe I will get more on the ball next time!