Thursday, August 11, 2011


I am behind again in my blogging so I am finally getting it going. This is just for you Tiff! :) I was set to go in to be induced on Friday the 15th but the hospital called me that morning
and said they didn't have room for me to come in so I had to wait I called several times that day and they finally said to call back Saturday. I was so ready to be done I was almost in tears. They didn't end up calling me to come in till Sat around 3. I finally got there and got all checked in and had to start my antibiotics.

My dr didn't want to start the pitosin till 8:30 that night so I had to just walk around and chill till then. Finally they started the pitosin and I got my epidural because the guy was already there doing another one so I didn't even feel any pain the whole time. It was very nice. I actually fell sleep and they came and checked me now and then. 3 out of the 4 girls in labor were supposed to be delivered by my dr. so of course me and one other girl were complete at the same time. They had to deliver the other girl first because she didn't have an epidural and couldn't control her pushing so I had to wait. It was pretty close and the nurse was getting worried the dr wasn't going to make it in before I had her. The dr barely made it in threw her clothes on and pushes later Brielle was here at 2am. It was probably the easiest delivery other than all the waiting at the beginning.

So here are all the pics. I need to have some cute profesisonal ones done but here she is. Hopefully Aunt Tiff will have time to take a few pics when we go up for the reunion!!?? :)

Big sister Brylee is a little too helpful most of the time but tries so hard to keep her happy.

First bath! She didn't like it at all.

This was her getting ready to come home. Randy bought her a really cute outfit to come home in but she was so small it drowned her more than this one so we had to settle for a not as cute outfit. She was 6 lbs 1 oz and 18 in long. Smallest baby so far!

Proud papa is in love with her already!

Grandma and Grandpa Tenney were nice enough to drive all the way down to Safford and visit her in the hospital and take our girls back up to Heber to awesome Aunt Tiff for the week.

Grandpa Burrell with grandbaby #21

Grandma Burrell and Brielle

Such good big sisters!

She is finally here!

Waiting, waiting and more waiting!!


Sarah said...

Cynthia!! Congrats! She's such a pretty pretty baby!

Marisa and Rob said...

Oh My!!! She is SO CUTE!!!!! I can't wait to see her sometime!!!! Love all the pictures!!!!

Skousen Family said...

She's so cute! Totally didn't know you had her until like last week. Congratulations!

Cherilyn Petty said...

Looks like you had tons of fun in the hospital. Everyone looks so excited especially Brylee.

Anonymous said...

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