Sunday, May 6, 2012

I'm a total slacker . . .

It has been just a few months since I have updated anything and man have we been busy!  Not really we do the same thing every week pretty much.  Live life and try to have fun amongst all the craziness like everyone else.

I have just thrown in a few random pics just to make things intersting.  Here's to all 2 of you who read my blog . . .enjoy!

 This was one of the ftamily pics Tiff did for us after Brielle was born.  I am horribly fat in them so I havn't put them up but I might as well just let the world know. . .I am overweight.  I guess I can say I have an excuse becuase I had recently had a baby but then there are those people who come out of the hospital after having a baby and look like a model.  Well I am not one of those people but I am happy to say that I have lost 20 lbs since this picture so I guess that is good.  Still plenty more to go though!
 I have several pictures of Brylee and Brielle sleeping together because Brylee is so in love with her and she loves to be a big helper.  Brielle sadly is getting so big and has turned into a baby that does not like to cuddle.  I am very sad about it because all my other kids have been big cuddlers.
 This was a crazy becuase you would think it was winter but alas this was taken during our spring break in March.  Crazy, crazy winter.  It actually snowed off and on for a whole day which is amazing for us desert rats.
 Random picture of the girls in their Christmas jammies.  Like I said, all of them are getting way to big!  Of course they were spoiled like crazy for Christmas, mostly by their dad who makes last minute purchases.
This was my car after the accident I got in last October.  I know that was a long time ago but I just found some pics so I guess you get to look at it.  I was sitting on the highway coming home and I stopped behind a bus letting a kid off.  Well long story short a kid driving a truck looked down momentarily and didn't realize we were stopped.  He looked up at the last minute and tried to swerve but caught the back drivers side, his tire flew off as he spun around missing the truck in front of me and slammed into the back of the school bus.  Everyone thankfully was ok, whick is good because I had the 2 littlest with me.  My car is all fixed now but still waiting on insurance to get money for medical bills which could take forever!  So I guess that was a very short story after all.


Sarah said...

Cynthia! I love all of these little updates! Your girls are seriously the cutest things ever! My favorite is of Brylee holding little Brielle!

Anonymous said...

you won't need those pants on in bed sweetie with what I want to do with you, but I am REALLY going to enjoy taking them off