Sunday, May 6, 2012

Old Tucson

We had planned a trip to Utah for Spring Break  to go visit my slightly hormonal and pyschotic sister (love you Crystal) but as usual our plans changed last minute and we stayed home.  We decided to go to Old Tucson Studios to have a little fun.

The girls in front of an old stage coach.  Tessa being a nice big sister and giving Macie and Brylee bunny ears.

 Randy has always said to just put him in a pine box when he dies so here you go babe!  He was apparently shot for being a horse thief.
 Panning for "gold" was very fun.
 Someone was crazy enough to let Tessa behind the wheel of an old car to go for a spin.  Scary I know!  Don't worry it was on a track so she couldn't go too far off course. She kinda thought she was big stuff.
 Brielle on her first merry go round.  She looks thrilled doesn't she.  She is sooo big.  Makes me sad!
I finally found somewhere I could lock the girls up!  I think Tessa thought we were going to leave them there. 
 This picture was not at Old Tucson but was on the camera with the pics from there and I just had to post it because my dad is totally awesome and I love him! (Please excuse me feeding my face in the background)
Another panning for "gold" pic.  I'm pretty sure Brylee just liked playing in the mud.

We had a great time in between all the fighting and whining that occurs on all family trips (at least ours anyway).


Jeremy and Cindy said...

Well it sounds like you guys are having fun. You can count me as one of your two readers. I feel the same way about my blog. Your girls are getting so big. We really ought to have our girls play together more often. You guys are just too far away in south Safford. ;) Maybe this summer.

Aunt Tiff said...

WOOHOO!!! It's about flippen time you update your stinking blog!!

Sparks Fam said...

Tessa and Macie driving that car is hilarious. Looks so fun. And the family pic from the last post is sooo cute. I love the colors everyone's wearing and where did you get them taken? Someplace around here? Do share.